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By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

My research on the Djinn has uncovered their presence in every paranormal experience and all phenomena, from hauntings to attachments to alien abductions. The Djinn are superior shape-shifters and can easily masquerade as entities for which we have given other names. Does this mean that everything “out there” is Djinn?

I do not believe that to be the case. On one hand, I have interviewed numerous sources, including Muslim experts, who hold that the Djinn are behind all things supernatural. And, I have often remarked to fellow investigators that there is so much evidence of the Djinn that it could easily seem they are responsible for the whole paranormal show.  However — as I stated in The Djinn Connection, and as I have repeated in numerous interviews — I am not able to make that leap myself. The Djinn are indeed everywhere, and sometimes they are quite well hidden and disguised. But I also believe there are other kinds of beings as well: angels, a host beings who interdimensionally share the planet with us, and off-world beings.

No one has the definitive answer to the question of just how much the Djinn account for our paranormal experiences. Researchers should take Djinn into consideration in their analyses, be open-minded, and follow where the evidence leads.