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Have you had an encounter with the Djinn?  I invite you to tell your story.  It will contribute to the growing database that can help people understand some of their experiences, and shed light on how to deal with them.  Selections will be posted on the site.  You can hit the contact button on this website, and tell your account:

How, when and where the experience took place

What happened to you and/or others, positive or negative

How did you know you were dealing with Djinn

What did the entity look like and how did it behave

Did you have repeat experiences

If the experience was problematic, how did you solve or resolve it

Please indicate whether or not you give permission to have the account posted, or you would prefer to keep it confidential for the database only.  Even confidential reports will help us build patterns that can be described in broad and general terms for the benefit of others.

Thank you!

~ Rosemary

March 8, 2011

I’ve been reading your and Philip Imbrogno’s book, The Vengeful Djinn recently and I want to share a little syncronicity that happed with you. I just recieved the book last week and have been reading since then(I have a hard time putting it down). I just got cable installed this past Saturday, and when the cable guys left I decided to enjoy my new service and decided to see what was on. One of my favorite channels is the SyFy channel, and I noticed that the Twilight Zone was on. So I tuned in and guess what episode was on? The genie episode, the same one that you mentioned in your book, which I had just read the night before! Funny, isn’t it? What was also interesting is that the movie following was “Dog Soldiers” a werewolf movie, and I am also reading Linda S. Godfrey’s book, The Michigan Dogman, which was also interesting (actually there was an entire werewolf marathon the rest of that day). I also noticed something else odd. It looked like there were shoeprints, two, o n the top of my wall, and one on my ceiling, like someone walked up the wall and onto the ceiling! I can’t for the life of me figure out what they really are(I even considered the cable guys, but that is impossible). They really look like shoe prints but I cant think of anything else they might be. Very odd. Do spirits leave footprints? 🙂
I’ve had many supernatural and spirtual experiences for years, far too many to mention here certainly, but maybe someday I will write them all down. Its good that there are people interested in this subject and many outlets on the internet in which to discuss it.  — B.S.