Solomonic Jinn Box of Manifestation

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Hi dear magician,

The first question that might pop in your mind is: what does this do?

Let’s look at the outside. It is covered with metallic etchings.

These designs represent the following powers:

The four Solomonic Ifreet that advised King Solomon, whose names are also etched on the Solomonic ring.

Those are the same four who have exhibited incredible powers to us including teleportation.

That is four sides.

Then there are the four Elders, who are sons of Jan. The same elders that appear in the Sabaseb conjuration.

That is five sides.

Finally, there are four powerful jinn tribes such as Beni Dahman on the last side.

In the center of each side, there is a secret name, that is rarely revealed or mentioned, which is connected with the powers of these Ifreets and Elders.

Once we open it, we see inside of it a powerful configuration of stones.

It is like having multiple Solomonic rings, but they are all aimed at a single pyramid.

Inside this pyramid lies another stone, which contains the mythical Red Mercury.

What do you do with this now?

The answer depends on your own abilities and connections.

You can use it summon a jinni by placing its name within the box.

You can use it to call the Ifrits to teleport something small inside the box.

You can use it for charging a talisman.

You can use it to send a jinni to someone by putting their name inside the box.

You can use it to charge a stone by the power of the jinn and call on many jinn to charge the same stone creating a power stone like never heard of before.

You can use it to open portals within the box that leads to many places and dimensions.

There is only one of those boxes left. I have mine, but I ain’t partying with it.

Two boxes can be linked to create a potential teleportation link or magical bridge.

The possibilities are endless.

Of course, a box like this isn’t going to be plug and play, as it will need a magician to work it to its full potential.

That is all folks. Thanks for reading this far.


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